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The artist’s oil paintings philosophical concepts of warmth, beauty, stillness in the Yangtze River culture

The artist’s oil paintings philosophical concepts of warmth, beauty, stillness in the Yangtze River culture

On June 9, 2023, the “Wind and Language” Zhang Xinquan Oil Painting Exhibition opened in the Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts. The exhibition showcases over 30 works by artist Zhang Xinquan, covering his representative works and new works from various periods. This exhibition is a relatively complete reflection of Zhang Xinquan’s recent works. These works are divided into four series, namely the garden series, the sea soul series, the city series, and the sketch series. Looking at the entire exhibition, the audience can understand Zhang Xinquan’s basic creative views over the past decade. The most eye-catching is a series of garden works, none of which are very large in size. This is his latest creation in 2022 and his first appearance in an exhibition.

Mr. Li Tong, Vice President of Nanjing University of the Arts, delivered an opening speech

Mr. He Hongzhou, Professor of Oil Painting Department of China Academy of Art, delivered a speech on behalf of the guests

Opening Ceremony

Zhang Xinquan was born, raised, studied, and worked in Shandong. The diligent, simple, and resolute character of the Yellow River culture has shaped his personality and artistic temperament. Afterwards, he left Shandong and settled in Jiangnan, echoing the philosophical concepts of warmth, beauty, and tranquility in the Yangtze River culture. When they complement each other, he and his paintings have become an indispensable part of today’s art world, especially in the field of oil painting. Fantasy of being unique and independent.

Xinquan adopts a self limiting approach, following some basic rules of traditional oil painting – putting in effort in composition, shape, color, and texture, believing in the so-called ‘paintability’; on the other hand, he debugs on the basis of exaggeration, reinforcement, variation, etc. Xinquan expects to break the situation in his own way – taking two steps, stopping one step, looking around, hesitating and struggling, all of which are just needs to be created Pain is also a form of happiness. Therefore, the word ‘happiness’ combines the intensity of personal experience.

The painting style of Xinquan has universality. He is very comfortable with colors and strokes, and his style is his specialty. Whether it’s characters or scenery, all he needs is how to arrange and be innovative The academic host of this exhibition, Li Xiaoshan, interpreted his works in this way.

Exhibition site

In the afternoon, the opening ceremony of the exhibition was held in the Lecture hall of the Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts.

Mr. Li Tong, Vice President of Nanjing University of the Arts, first delivered an opening speech, buy oil painting  “Today is the oil painting exhibition of Professor Zhang Xinquan of our school. His oil painting exhibition starts with his name. ‘Quan’ means’ Tongbian ‘in ancient Chinese.’, Xinquan ‘means new changes. I think change and innovation are what every artist pursues. To have their own unique Artistic language and way of expression, to express their own artistic ideals, and to brand their own style marks are the key. It is a sign of the artist’s success.”

Subsequently, Mr. Liu Weidong, the curator, affirmed Zhang Xinquan’s unwavering and diligent work attitude. He described the historical origin of Zhang Xinquan and Nanjing University of the Arts in this way. “After he came, on the one hand, he seriously taught, and on the other hand, he worked hard to create. Xinquan’s paintings are very elegant.” Mr. Liu Weidong pointed out that the oil paintings of Nanyi are very traditional, and the oil paintings of Jiangsu have deep historical and academic origins. Xu Beihong and Liu Haisu, including modern Wu Dayu, Wu Guanzhong and Xu Minghua, are the most outstanding representatives of Chinese oil painting. For Jiangsu, oil painting resources are abundant, but each has its own characteristics. Finally, on the one hand, Mr. Liu Weidong proposed his outlook for the future development of Chinese oil painting, hoping that in the context of strict discipline and professional adjustment in the future, artistic works can showcase the value era; On the other hand, he also proposed to insist on exporting high-level exhibitions to show the academic quality of the art museum of Nanjing University of the Arts.

Mr. He Hongzhou, the distinguished representative and professor of the Oil Painting Department of the China Academy of Art, said that the exchange of Jiangsu and Zhejiang artists has always been integrated with the oil painting process over the past century, which represents the overall appearance of oil painting in the south of the Yangtze River.

Jingting Yunyin 220x360cm2022 canvas hand painted oil painting

Rest fishing 180x440cm2022 canvas oil painting

Gunboat 180x220cm 2007 Oil on canvas

Rain and Dew Dye Dreams 100x120cm2022 canvas oil painting

Mr. He Hongzhou believes that Zhang Xinquan’s paintings are impressive and unforgettable. He said that the development of Chinese wholesale oil painting is inclusive. There were two paths to painting in the 1980s: firstly, with the development of reform and opening up, art forms presented a variety of styles, and artists in the oil painting field broke through the language category of oil painting and moved towards other forms of expression; It is a continuous practice and attempt within the scope of oil painting language, but more importantly, it is a deepening of the heart. Obviously, Mr. Zhang Xinquan belongs to the latter and has unique hand painted oil painting language characteristics. His swaying, pen speed, and collision with paint not only demonstrate his unique personality but also have a narrative significance. Filled with a review and contemplation of history, the tone is gloomy.

Mr. Zhang Xinquan, the artist of this exhibition, said, “Today is my 14th year at Nanyi. In addition to teaching, I have also held some exhibitions in major art galleries in China. However, it is a great honor for me to hold a solo exhibition at the Art Museum of the Academy of Fine Arts because it is a tall academic hall in my mind

Guo Lingdingyang 100x80cm2021 Oil on canvas

At the end of the opening ceremony, Zhang Xinquan donated Banpo Diary No. 1 to the Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts. Deputy Director Lin Shuchuan accepted the suggestion on behalf of the museum.

It is reported that the exhibition will continue until June 30th.

The Realistic Portrait Oil Painting Exhibition showcasing the Unique Beauty of Chinese and Foreign art

The Realistic Portrait Oil Painting Exhibition showcasing the Unique Beauty of Chinese and Foreign art

The 2023 Spring Auction of Beijing Huachen will be held from June 11th to 13th at the Beijing Bohao Ruiting Hotel, with a preview from June 11th to 12th and an official gavel held on June 13th. This season’s auction has changed from the fixed auction classification in the past, integrating traditional art parts and increasing the weight of contemporary art. Present two sections of traditional Chinese art and modern and contemporary art. This has led to new changes in the content classification of Art auction in China.

In the face of new trends and changes, this spring’s Beijing Huachen Contemporary oil painting reproductions Art section still adheres to presenting the development of Chinese oil painting art in a sound manner. Lin Fengmian, Wu Dayu, Hu Shanyu, Su Tianci, Chen Junde, Zhu Ying, Ren Weiyin, Tang Yunyu, Min Xiwen, Guan Liang, Li Qingping and other artists’ typical scenery, still life, characters, general performance and other works present the artistic style of the 20th century pioneers. From the works of backbone artists such as Leng Jun, Yan Ping, Tan Ping, and Zhang Dingli in the current contemporary art market, to the typical works of young artists such as Qin Qi, Zhang Yingnan, and Chen Yujun, it presents the development achievements of Chinese contemporary art in the past 50 years.

The contemporary art theme “Brothers, Men” is another appearance after a special exhibition and auction held at the Huachen Art Center last year. It presents a series of exquisite works by contemporary artists born in the 1950s and 1960s, such as Wang Yigang, Meng Luding, Ma Shuqing, Zhao Nengzhi, and others from rural China. The special plan to launch this time is to select typical works of representative figures of the Chinese realistic portrait painting school, such as Ai Xuan, Wang Yidong, Xu Mangyao, and Guo Runwen, as well as several excellent works of Western masters such as Angel, in order to showcase the unique beauty of Chinese and foreign realistic painting through this special topic.

Lacquer painting and contemporary photography are Huachen’s joint attempts to expand the Art auction market. This season, we will continue to launch special themes on lacquer painting and contemporary photography, which I believe will further arouse the attention of collectors. This year’s auction also launched the “Understanding the Spectrum” theme, featuring several excellent works by Chinese and foreign artists for collectors to appreciate and select.

Key items in the modern and contemporary art sector

Lot 309 Lin Fengmian’s pink calamus in full bloom 1958 Paper coloring 65.5 × 65.5cm

Lot 310 Su Tianci Li River Spring 1994 Oil on canvas 62 × 80.5cm

Lot324 Wang Yidong Dating 2022 Oil Painting on canvas 30 × 40cm

Lot 331 Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres 1848 Paper sketch of female head 12 × 9.5cm

Lot 338 Tan Ping Untitled 2016 Fabric acrylic 160x200cm

Lot 340 Yan Ping Waiting for New Year 2022-2023 Oil Painting on canvas 180 × 200cm

Lot 344, 2022, Cold Army’s Primordial Year, Custom Oil Painting on canvas 50 × 70cm

Lot 350 Yingnan Diamonds and Bubbles 2010 Oil on canvas 200cm × 150cm

This spring, the Beijing Huachen Traditional Chinese Art section showcases a collection of Chinese calligraphy, painting, and porcelain miscellaneous items. And subdivide various topics to showcase the charm of traditional art in a more interesting and academic way.

A total of 82 pieces of Chinese painting and calligraphy were selected, including Xu Beihong, Chang Dai-chien, Qi Baishi, Li Keran, Pu Xinshe, Huang Zhou, Qigong, Shi Lu, Xie Zhiliu, Lu Yanshao, Liu Haisu, Zhang Ding and other modern masters. Among them, the lotus of Shilu and the twin horses of Xu Beihong are rare boutiques.

The filigree enamel and brocade themes among them are eye-catching due to their exquisite manufacturing and common style. The theme of filigree enamel outlines the manufacturing process of filigree enamel in the Ming and Qing dynasties using 25 pieces of samples. There are also rare Ming Dynasty Jingtai, Xuande, and Wanli enamel vessels, which are in good condition and highly valuable. Chinese brocade craftsmanship has a long history and photo to painting profound cultural heritage. In the brocade theme, there is a Qing dynasty palace used brocade, with rich and diverse embroidered patterns, showcasing both gorgeous and elegant colors.

The purple clay theme is led by Gu Jingzhou style and Maotong style Yixing clay teapot, and carries more than ten modern purple clay tabletop decorations and tea pet gadgets, making people smile.

Key items in the traditional art section

Lot 008 Shilu Lotus Colored Paper Vertical Axis Renzi (1972) Work 94.5 × 63.5cm

Lot 010 Xu Beihong’s Double Horses Painting Ink Paper Mirror Heart Guiwei (1943) 80 × 45cm

Lot 015 Liu Haisu Landscape Coloring Paper Vertical Axis 129 × 62.5cm

Lot 019 Lu Yanshao’s Long March Colored Paper Handroll 12.5 × 130cm

Lot23 Yu Youren’s 12 character cursive couplet ink paper vertical axis 259 × 33.5cm. (2)

Lot 040 Wang Luxiang’s Poem Inscription Hall on Zhangding Loess Plateau: Xin Mao (2011) made ink paper mirror center

Draw: 68 × 68cm Poetry Hall: 36.5 × 67cm

Lot 113 Qing Emperor Qianlong’s Poems and Essays: White Jade Ring, Diameter: 3.1cm, Height: 2.7cm

Lot 125 Ming Xuande Filigree Enamel Big Treasure Flower Circular Cover Box, Ming Xuande Year Made Diameter: 12cm; Height: 4cm

Lot130 Qing Dynasty Qianlong custom oil painting Filigree Enamel Landscape Pattern Pen Mountain Copper Height: 7.5cm; Length: 11.5cm

Lot 131 Qing Qianlong’s filigree enamel entangled branches, precious phase flower, double ear bouquet, waist flower, copper insert, height: 12cm

Lot 151 Qing Qianlong Sea Dragon Embroidery 36 × 128cm

Schedule of Beijing Huachen 2023 Spring Auction

The artist’s large-scale personal oil painting exhibition fully expresses her perfect spiritual world

The artist’s large-scale personal oil painting exhibition fully expresses her perfect spiritual world

Group photo of Wang Su’s solo exhibition “Sukhavati”, starting from the left: Su Mang, founder of Song Art Center, Liu Chunfeng, exhibition curator, and Wang Su, artist

After artist Cai Jin’s solo exhibition; Dialogue exhibition between Xiang Jing and Xing Danwen. On May 11, 2023, the Song Art Center launched the solo exhibition Sukhavati by young female artist Wang Su, born in 1989. The artist’s first solo exhibition in China brought her 34 paintings in China. In the past two years.

The first time you see Wang Su’s works, you will be attracted by the images in her oil painting . This image combines different experiences of Eastern and Western art. In the view of curator Liu Chunfeng of this exhibition, this is a reconstructed ‘second nature’. Its main characteristic is that it is different from the first nature described in classical art reproduction, and also from the simulated world described by Jean Baudrillard after the rise of the consumer society.

The formation of this image is closely related to Wang Su’s “nomadic” experience. I studied for my undergraduate degree at Nanyang University in Singapore and obtained a master’s degree from Central Saint Martin’s College in the UK. Afterwards, he traveled to major art galleries in Europe and now shuttles between China and Greece to create works.

As exhibition curator Liu Chunfeng said, “As a new generation of artists growing up in the context of globalization, Wang Su is highly representative in the cultural field that transcends national and regional concepts. Her growth, confusion, and dreams are the echoes of this era on an individual level. The surreal natural landscapes, magnificent colors, and fantastical modeling abilities in her paintings are Wang Su’s individual expressions of the world, virtual and reality

Liu Chunfeng: Over the years, I have been studying contemporary art around the world. Wang Su’s creation happens to be in my research sequence over the past few years, especially in the post globalization stage.

For example, she has more cultural attributes and custom oil painting has experience studying abroad in different countries. In this exhibition, I positioned oil paintng reproductions it as a new nomadic identity. This is different from the idea of studying in France, Germany, and the UK in the early years. This is a constantly drifting concept that blurs the relationship between local cultural attributes and individual subjects. After this ambiguity, feedback makes them hope to return to a gender that transcends gender. Artists with this new identity may no longer focus on the body itself, but instead transform it into non social themes such as plants and animals.

Liu Chunfeng: From their creations, this generation does not directly capture oil painting art images, nor does it persist in images. In fact, images are easier for them, so they created some images. This image is neither Pop art that we are familiar with at first. For example, one hand billboards and product labels. On the contrary, the images they are currently using may have been replicated many times, and their artistic and cultural attributes have decreased. Cut it off and then install it back. It conveys something new, seemingly close to nature, but actually far from nature. Not entirely from the city, because the city is too familiar to them. The previous generation fled the city, but this generation either fled or chose to live between nature and the city.

Liu Chunfeng: This artist is relatively introverted. I think she can fully express her inner thoughts through artistic creation. There are many types of artists. Some are more conceptual, but weaker in visual expression. Wang Su may be another type, with strong visual expression skills.

In her creations, she did not directly present her ideas and sunbirdarts concepts on the screen to everyone. On the contrary, oil painting for sale I hope to dispel the textual nature of the work and return to the tradition of painting. Through his processing, customization, arrangement, and layout of images, one can more clearly see the process of his inner imagination.

Yachang Art Network: The curator of this portrait painting exhibition, Liu Chunfeng, uses “second nature” to describe the imagery depicted in your painting. For you, how are these images formed in the picture? Are they consciously created by you?

Wang Su: I am a person who grew up in a multicultural background. I did not deliberately oppose or offer oil painting confront, nor am I a very rebellious person. I love nature and have an equal attitude towards all living beings on Earth. Every plant and tree is sacred in my heart. I always magnify these very small things and make them magical, like a kind of coming, there will always be columns of light in the background, full of energy.

When you observe the growth of a flower, it is a process of life blooming. The potential for this original oil painting energy growth is infinite, just like humans. Grass, flowers, and the universe are all the same in my eyes. I want to express their position in my heart. Or perhaps I want to break the order of this world and establish a ‘my order’ – an order that respects nature and all things.

Wang Su: This fusion is involuntary. Born from the heart. Perhaps for some aesthetic oil painting china reasons, I like to use points, lines, and surfaces to draw things. I think they are perfect together.

In fact, everything comes from life experience. There are many places, many people, and many things that work together on the content of my images. People’s perception will not rest on actual events, but the temperature, smell, and even the surrounding sound of that day may leave some traces. For me, that’s it. The memories pieced together have been turned into fragments and images one by one. I will add some logic and use my own thinking to build a world that I believe is perfect and meets my wishes, The world must be beautiful and harmonious.

Recreate Wang Su Studio in the exhibition hall

Wang Su: After this exhibition, I may return to Greece to create. I even took a drawing buy oil painting online board and walked around to draw animations. After all, I am still young and want to experience more, expand the content and layout of my creations, and expand the world. My summary of my creative state: like a pool of lake water, it will have a vortex, slowly collecting the lake water, and then seeing how deep the final vortex can be, it is a structured process of slowly converging towards the middle

Su Mang: Wang Su and I have a good fate. As a media person, I closely monitor everything that is buy oil painting china emerging. By chance, I came across Wang Su’s paintings and really liked them. I wanted to collect them. But I can’t reach her. Later, I had a good friend who worked in a very international organization. He happened to know Wang Su and introduced him to us. At that time, Wang Su was still in Greece. I bought a painting I wanted to collect, but one of the works I really wanted to collect has been custom paintings auctioned off. Regret has been waiting, but the epidemic has arrived and the auction has not been completed after waiting for more than a year. Throughout this process, I have been in contact with Wang Su. When I met her, I had no intention of building an art space. Later, I established the Song Art Center, so I have this solo exhibition in the space.

The reason for deciding to cooperate with Wang Su is very simple. In my opinion, there is a sense of solidity in the artists of their generation for custom oil painting . I think using ‘bravery and confidence’ to describe them is not accurate, they are just free. They are willing to think for themselves, follow their own pace, and do not care about others’ opinions. I come from a fashion background, so I am very familiar with trends. I think a new era is beginning: new artists, new collectors, and new custom oil portrait china definitions of artistic value are forming. I hope we become participants and promoters.

Wang Su’s solo exhibition “Sukhavati”, Song Art Center

Su Mang: When I founded the Songyi Center, I had a wish. I have been working as a women’s magazine for 27 years. In this process, I think women are a very unique group. Their hearts are very sensitive and rich, but they also face more responsibilities, whether it is family responsibility, marital responsibility, workplace responsibility, or maternal responsibility. Between these responsibilities, she also seeks to protect herself. So I think professional women are a very complex famous oil painting and difficult job. As for being myself, I greatly admire these female artists.

I think women often forget our identity in the workplace because we are custom oil portrait all professionals. So when working at the Song Art Center, I had two clear directions: the first was to do contemporary art, because contemporary art is full of vitality, asking questions, and triggering thinking; The second one is to do contemporary art. The other is female art. Contemporary art and female art are two important directions of the Song Art Center.

In my opinion, the Song Art Center is not a gallery, but an custom oil painting art institution, more of a beautiful platform. There are several discussions in contemporary art that I am very concerned about. For example, contemporary art is not responsible for aesthetics, only for questioning. But I don’t think so. I think the beauty of art is human, and it can be timeless, timeless, memorable, praised, and sung. So when I founded the Song Art Center, I was always searching for such a balance point. I am not studying art history, and I do not expect to leave my own name or art center in the history of art. Our motivation is to make the beauty of art shine again in everyone’s heart.

Regarding exhibitions:


Wang Su’s solo exhibition

May 21, 2023 to June 24, 2023

Academic host: Lu Rongzhi

Curator: Liu Chunfeng

Producer: Su Mang

About curators

Liu Chunfeng, Doctor of Art Theory, Researcher, Deputy Director of the Exhibition wholesale oil painting Department of the National Art Museum of China. Deputies to the 15th and 16th National People’s Congress of Beijing, national “cultural celebrities and four groups” of “Ten Thousand Talents Plan · Youth Top” talents, theoretical members of the China Artists Association, members of the Beijing Municipal Committee of Theory and Arts, members of the Artists Association, and members of the Chinese literature Critics Association. He graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), successively obtained bachelor’s, master’s and doctor’s degrees, and completed the 2013 certificate of Free University of Berlin in the art management leadership training class jointly issued by the former Ministry of Culture, China Art Museum and the Central Academy of Fine Arts Media School. Since 2007, he has worked in the National Art Museum of China, engaged in academic research and exhibition planning. Since 2000, he has participated in the planning of modern and oil painting gallery contemporary art projects and academic activities at important museums in Brussels, Paris, Tokyo, Seoul, Busan, Rome, Lyon, Vienna, Berlin, New York, Turin, and other places. In addition, she has also written a large number of commentary articles and art reviews, edited over 40 albums related to Chinese modern and contemporary art, and published five personal academic monographs.

About Artists

Contemporary young artist Wang Su, born in Shandong, China in 1989, currently travels between work and life in China and Greece. As a young artist who grew up with an international background, her creations are highly representative in the cultural field that integrates oil painting supplier Eastern and global artistic concepts, surpassing national and regional concepts. The surreal appearance is refreshing. Wang Su’s strong hard edge treatment and multi-color collisions with flowers and jungles evoke the internal miniature of Georgia O’Keeffe’s iconic giant flower; As well as the free and improvised curves and color gamut in her paintings, it echoes the minimalist and bold color abstract concept of Helen Fraken Taylor, the pioneer of American Abstract expressionism. Her profound understanding of poets such as Baudelaire and Paul Zeeland filled her paintings with musical imagery and mysterious poetic aesthetics; She created a different world channel. In the surreal natural world she created, everything is full of vitality and has magical characteristics, growing in deliberately disrupted spatial levels. The combination of concrete objects with abstract spiritual symbols such as stripes and ribbons immerses the audience in the microscopic grandeur of mysterious life, listening to the creator’s soul sonar.
Wang Su graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Nanyang University in Singapore and a master’s degree from Central Saint Martin’s College in the UK. During her studies, she visited major art galleries in Europe and tried various creative forms of existing products such as collage, screen printing, and imaging, ultimately finding her own home in painting. Afterwards, her works have been exhibited in multiple major cities around the world, including the Contemporary wholesale oil painting Chinese Art Center (Hong Kong), Kypsilian Salon Snehta Space (Athens), Depo Darm Contemporary Art Space (Athens), Century Members Club (London), Parfit Gallery Croydon (London), Out Gallery (Beirut), Art Number 23 (Athens), Lens Gallery (Shenzhen), and other international art institutions. In 2022, Wang Su will hold a solo exhibition – “animism” in Bonhams (Hong Kong). The first solo exhibition “Sukhavati” was launched in Chinese Mainland. In addition, she also participated in multiple large-scale exhibitions such as the 2022 Wuhan Biennale, the Beijing Contemporary Art Expo, and the Guangzhou International Art Expo.